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From sunbathing on the coast in France and eating Pizza and Gelato in Italy to hiking in the Swiss alps and visiting medieval towns in Germany: Europe offers a huge variety of culture, nature and food. So it‘s no surprise how difficult it can be to pick the best places to visit in Europe. 

In this list we share our favorite destinations in Europe to help you make the choice easier. 

1. Finland's North

I've always had this dream of sleeping in a glass igloo and seeing the Northern Lights from there. When that dream came true, I had top pinch my self over and over again. Watching the Northern Lights dance across the sky is a surreal experience that I hope everyone can experience with their own eyes. In general the region in northern Finland is really beautiful and offers numerous activities.


2. Bavarian Alps & Tyrol 

Am I obsessed with castles? Yes. Did we visit more than 100 castles in Europe? Also yes (I know- that‘s insane).

Is Neuschwanstein castle the most beautiful one in of them? Absolutely!


For me it‘s not just the castle but also the area sourrounding it. This part of Bavaria and many places in Austria nearby are worth visiting! 


We also loved: Highline 179, Eibsee, Wagenbrüchsee 

3. Harzer Brockenbahn

Taking the old scenic train in the Harz mountains is considered to be one of the most beautiful rides in the world.

The forest you‘ll pass on the way is quite nice but the best thing about this train ride is the train itself.

It‘s super old and you‘ll feel transported back in time. 


4. Budapest

Hungary‘s capital is one of those places which has a lot to offer without being extremely crowded or expensive like other European cities.

We‘ve been there many times and are always impressed! 

5. Paris

Paris is not a place, it‘s a feeling. Last time we visited the city of love we were there in summer and it was so nice to see people enjoying their lives in the cute bars and cafes on the streets.

Of course, Paris also has ugly corners like any other big city but it's really not difficult to focus on the beautiful things there.


6. Provence

Have you ever smelled a branch of lavender? Pretty intense scent, right? And now imagine you're walking through a whole field.

It's like an explosion of smells.

For us, Provence is one of the most beautiful regions in Europe because everything there looks like a painting and you are automatically reminded to enjoy your life.

7. Amalfi Coast

The scent of lemons, colorful houses on the cliffs, the sound of the sea and small Fiat 500s on the streets that are far too narrow - these are just a few things that come to mind when I think of my favorite region in Europe: The Amalfi Coast.

It's definitely not a secret anymore, so prepare for lots of people and crazy traffic.

Nevertheless, this place always manages to enchant me.


8. Amsterdam and the flower fields

Tulips, windmills and houseboats… these are just a few things that come to mind when I think of Amsterdam and the Netherlands.

The small country has so much to offer that you could easily spend several weeks exploring it. 

9. Dolomites

If you love being in nature as much as we do, then definitely plan a trip to the Dolomites.

The hikes there are often suitable for the inexperienced and the reward is spectacular views.


10. Portugal

Lisbon, Porto, Sintra, the Algarve…

all these places in Portugal are worth visiting.

The best thing to do is hop in the car and explore the country on your own on a road trip.

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