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Europe is known for being one of the most dog friendliest places in the world because our fluffy friends can join us at most places.


In this article we share our favorite regions in Europe to travel with your dog.


1. Algarve in Portugal

Along the Algarve in Portugal there are countless beaches where dogs can romp around in the off-season. Felix had so much fun there!


2. Andalusia in Spain

Andalusia in Spain is known for endless sandy beaches. We were there in March and had many beaches to ourselves.

3. Budapest, Hungary

In Budapest we could easily take Felix with us everywhere and there was a dog park on every corner to let him run free.


4. Dolomites

The Dolomites are a paradise for nature lovers and active dogs who like to go hiking and be rewarded with a dip in an ice-cold mountain lake.

5. Tuscany in Italy

Tuscany in Italy is a paradise for fluff balls who you can dash over the green hills there.

Italians in general are very dog-friendly and every day we were addressed with "Que bello cane", which means something like "What a beautiful dog". We could even take Felix with us to a hot spring. Not imaginable in other countries.  


6. The Netherlands

Felix spent the first months of his life in the Netherlands near the beach and by far we liked Zandvoort the most.

8. Tyrol in Austria

Austria is one of the most dog-friendly countries in Europe and the Tyrolean region is really nice for fluffy balls. You can go for many hikes there! 


9. ​Hamburg, Germany

We have lived in the beautiful city of Hamburg in Germany for a while and dogs are almost allowed everywhere.

9. The Croatian Riviera

The people of Croatia are super chilled and Felix loved digging up the beaches there.

On some beaches you can even rent a bed for your dog if you want to spend a whole day at the sea.


10. Normandie in France

France is very dog friendly as we realized during all of our trips there. We especially liked Normandy with places like Mont Saint Michel and Étretat. Felix had so much fun there! 

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