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We are Julia, Sven and Felix (🐻‍❄️), a family of travel enthusiasts from Germany. Our small vintage van Daisy takes us to the most beautiful places and accommodations all across the world and you are more than welcome to join us virtually in our trunk! #vanlife 

For us, there‘s something good in every day even though there are moments when we need to dig deep to find it! Luckily we got Felix with us who loves digging haha. 

On this blog we share the highlights from our trips as well as travel tips for dog owners. Also check out our Instagram accounts for some behind the scenes and YouTube channels for videos from our best and worst moments. 

We love having you here.

Big hug! 

PS. Julia’s favorite quote: No matter what the weather: Always bring your own sunshine. 



Loves being creative and can get excited about way too many things

Has many crazy ideas

Loves dance workouts

Former cat lover (psss…please don‘t tell Felix)


Felix is a 5 year old Samoyed who looks a little bit like a polar bear. If he‘s not digging in the sand or snow he probably hunts cats or makes us laugh with his crazy behavior. 


Sven loves to learn new skills which is great because that‘s usually how he brings all of Julia‘s crazy ideas to life 🤣  When he‘s not behind his camera or laptop, he probably learns a new language, cooks or plays beach volleyball.

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