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Thanks to our partners who support us in our travels.




Whether bags, tripods, storage media or other accessories: at enjoyyourcamera you will find every type of camera accessory that makes smooth shootings possible when traveling or at home. 

Foto Koch

Foto Koch has everything that makes a photographer's heart beat faster.

Their huge selection and the many great discount campaigns sometimes make Sven fall into an online shopping frenzy.

We found our photo and video cameras, as well as our lenses, at Foto Koch.


Car Electric offers the right electrical installation for every motorhome, depending on individual preferences. Our 50-year-old van has thus received a modern upgrade: all batteries can be charged, coffee machine, shower, solar panel and much more...


Thanks to the Armaflex insulating material, we can easily stay in Daisy despite bitterly cold snowstorms or hot temperatures. The material is space-saving, light and easy to install.

Thanks to Thetford, we have everything that is important to us in a kitchen in our van. Our stove and sink are not only stylish, but also space-saving and practical, as they can also be used as work or storage space.

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