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E-Book: Dog Travel Guide - English

E-Book: Dog Travel Guide - English

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You want to travel with your dog but have no idea where to start? In this 81-page E-Book you will learn step by step how to plan a trip to other countries with your fluffy friend. 


We will dive deeper into topics like:

-How to travel by plane with a dog

-Best alternatives to flying in detail

-Required documents and vaccinations to enter certain countries

-Dog friendly countries 

-The best time to travel 

-How to find dog friendly accommodations 

-How to teach a dog to stay alone in hotel rooms

-What to pack 

-Safety precautions  

-How to deal with emergency situations

-Inspirations for your next travel destinations 


This E-Book is for you if you want to quickly acquire all the information about traveling with a dog we have collected over 5 years of traveling to 32 countries with our dog Felix

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